Ernest Son (guitar, vocals, drums) met Tom Smith (bass, vocals) in 2011. Quickly, the pair found themselves complementing each other, and a musical kinship was ignited. The duo spent years in and out of varying projects, all the while constructing a set list for what is now known as Origin Mile.

In 2014, Ernest met David French (guitar, vocals), who brought an inspiring "twang." He immediately brought new fire to a dual-telecaster lineup, fueled by an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, country, and pop.

The most recent addition, Nick Cooper (drums), brought a trove of chops and know-how to the mix. Backed by Atlanta's-own Emory music education and years of experience, he adds an intelligent voice and ear to the OM sound.

Today, the Atlanta-based quartet continues to build their repertoire with a common goal: create songs from an open palette, and evolve them into a cohesive, addictive, and memorable live show for our fans!

Origin Mile is now actively seeking gigging opportunities in Atlanta and afar.

Booking: Ernest Son
m: 678.770.2818
e: originmile@gmail.com